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TerraCottem Australia Soil and Its Acronyms e-Book
TerraCottem Australia Soil and Its Acronyms e-Book

Soil and Its Acronyms

Authors: Davy Ottevaere & Nathan Straume


Why acronyms?
There are many acronyms in soil science.

Most people in our industry are familiar with the terms and use them frequently.
But sometimes their meaning and importance are no longer clear. That knowledge, often acquired at school, has slipped to the back of our minds.
We have listed the most important concepts and explained them as simple as possible.

“An acronym is a
pronounceable word formed
from the first letter (or first
few letters) of each word in
a phrase or title. The newly
combined letters create a new
word that becomes a part of
everyday language.”


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Meet The Authors

TerraCottem Australia Soil and Its Acronyms Book Author Davy Ottevaere

TerraCottem BV Technical Manager

Davy Ottevaere

As Technical Manager, Davy Ottevaere is the direct point of contact for TerraCottem distributors and end-users for all their technical questions.

Davy has been working for the company since the day he graduated from Ghent University in 2000. He holds a Master’s degree in bio-engineering, with expertise in soil and water management.

Davy wrote a thesis “Soil Physical and Soil Mechanical Criteria for the Playability of Soccer Fields”, which made him co-author of the Belgian “GANDA criteria”: soil physical and mechanical guidelines for construction of sports turf:

TerraCottem Australia Soil and Its Acronyms Book Author Nathan Straume

TerraCottem AUNZ Brand Ambassador

Nathan Straume

Nathan Straume is a vital asset to TerraCottem Australia and New Zealand. A qualified Horticulturalist / Arborist / Landscaper / Greenkeeper, and sports enthusiast, Nathan strongly advocates for the importance of healthy soils in fostering healthy plants and communities.

Throughout Nathan’s career, he demonstrates unwavering passion for his work. He tirelessly educates the public on soil and environmental matters, significantly contributing to the horticultural industry through training, education, and his dedicated efforts for TerraCottem.

Nathan's dedication and enthusiasm have left a lasting impact on TerraCottem and the horticultural community and have inspired this booklet.

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