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TerraCottem Soil Conditioner in West Village Queensland Australia
TerraCottem Soil Conditioner in West Village Queensland Australia



TerraCottem soil conditioner helps to achieve successful planting projects despite the challenging conditions of poor soils and climate change.

We provide solutions to individuals, organisations and professionals who are committed to creating more fertile soil and a greener planet as part of the solution to the challenges presented by climate change.

TerraCottem soil conditioner contains an effective mixture of more than 20 components that are specifically designed to work in a synergetic way to significantly improve soil quality, water and nutrient retention for healthier plant growth.

TerraCottem ensures that trees, lawns, shrubs, gardens and plants grow healthy and strong all year. Experience the dual benefits with TerraCottem: foster sustainable, healthy plant growth while achieving remarkable savings of up to 50% in irrigation water, even in the most challenging conditions.

Choose TerraCottem and embrace a win-win situation for yourself, your clients, and the environment. By utilising our soil conditioner, you can achieve your planting goals while contributing to a greener planet and mitigating the effects of climate change.

TerraCottem Soil Conditioner Products Family


Faster and better plant establishment with an increased survival rate

Increased water retention capacity and save water by up to 50%

Enable plant growth in degraded, saline or marginal soils


Samples taken from the same turf nursery

Without TerraCottem
With TerraCottem

Kingscliff Central Park, NSW

2016 vs 2023

TerraCottem Soil Conditioner in Salt Village NSW Australia - Before Photo
TerraCottem Soil Conditioner in Salt Village NSW Australia - After Photo


Adelaide Botanic Garden

Barossa Regional Council

City of Campbelltown

City of Mitcham


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TerraCottem Soil Conditioner in West Village Queensland Australia

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Product Explainer

Product Explainer