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City of Mitcham

Client City of Mitcham
Evaluation by Mark Winston
Position Manager Horticultural Works
Date of Evaluation 21/02/18
Complied by Tim Sharpe
Site Address Hawthorn Crescent, Hawthorn SA 5062
Planting Scheme Street Trees
Soil Type Heavy Clay Loam with a pH of 8=9
Type of Plants

 Claret Ash

Issues Poor quality soil that is very alkaline. No irrigation, has to be hand watered.

Less vitality, higher mortality

Why use TerraCottem?

 To help make the watering requirements sustainable and as extra insurance to see the trees through the hot periods.

TerraCottem Installation Date July 2017
Installation Method Blended on site with the backfill soil of each plant.
Application Rate Standard rates
Watering Method Hand watering from a truck
Watering Schedule  Once a week, 40 litres per plant.
Did you achieve your goal with TerraCottem? Yes
Did you also plant trees/shrubs without TerraCottem (a control)?  No
What were the results of your work with TC on this site? How would you describe the plants/turf? There is no signs of stress in the trees, and no signs of scorching even though we have experienced days over 40 degrees.
Overall they look very healthy, particularly for this tough time of year.
Can you make a comparison with a similar application the previous / same season where you didn’t use TerraCottem? No


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