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Adelaide Botanic Gardens

Client Adelaide Botanic Gardens
Evaluation by Andrew Hart
Position Horticulturist
Date of Evaluation 21/02/18
Complied by Tim Sharpe
Site Address Adelaide Botanic Rose Gardens
Plane Tree Dr, Adelaide SA 5000
Planting Scheme Rose beds & climbing rose hedge
Soil Type Loamy Clay
Type of Plants

Red Cross Rose

Dublin Bay Climbing Rose


Old roses had been removed from the site so there was a risk of rose sickness
disease occurring.


Less vitality, higher mortality, slower growth and overall development.

Why use TerraCottem?

To achieve better vitality, better and quicker growth in the roses and to reduce the overall failure rate.

TerraCottem Installation Date August 2017
Installation Method Per plant. Blended with the backfill soil when planting.
Application Rate Standard rates
Watering Method Drip irrigation
Watering Schedule  Weekly
Did you achieve your goal with TerraCottem? Yes
Did you also plant trees/shrubs without TerraCottem (a control)?  No
What were the results of your work with TC on this site? How would you describe the plants/turf? Very healthy overall, and very good growth. Twice as much growth as roses without.
Can you make a comparison with a similar application the previous / same season where you didn’t use TerraCottem? Yes, the difference in the growth was significant, very noticeable.


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