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Barossa Regional Council

Client Barossa Regional Council
Evaluation by Luke Clarke
Position Horticulturist
Date of Evaluation 20/02/18
Complied by Tim Sharpe
Site Address Visitor Centre, Murray Street, Tanunda SA 5352
Planting Scheme Shrub Beds
Soil Type No real site issues
Type of Plants

Nandina Moonbay
Lomandra Blue Ridge
Grape Vines

Issues No real site issues


Why use TerraCottem?

Helping with transplant shock of the mature grape vine. Insurance against hot dry periods by retaining moisture.

TerraCottem Installation Date September 2017
Installation Method Per plant. Blended with the backfill soil when planting.
Application Rate Standard Rates
Watering Method Dripper to plant
Watering Schedule  1-2 times per week, 16 litres
Did you achieve your goal with TerraCottem? Yes
Did you also plant trees/shrubs without TerraCottem (a control)?  No
What were the results of your work with TC on this site? How would you describe the plants/turf? The vines have excelled, no stress or shock, look like they have been there for years. The shrubs are also doing well, no
deaths at all.
Can you make a comparison with a similar application the previous / same season where you didn’t use TerraCottem? Difficult to say, we have planted Lomandras before in a roundabout without TerraCottem, and they are struggling. Vines
in the past have typically been slow to get going.




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