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TerraCottem turf Soil Conditioner Bundaberg Golf Queensland Australia

TerraCottem at Bundaberg Golf Club

TerraCottem Brand Ambassador, Nathan Straume, got the privilege to interview Dylan Keam, Bundaberg Golf Club's Superintendent, who has done a fantastic job over these past years. Dylan has turned this golf course from a dry course into an outstanding competition course with a limited budget, limited staff and inflation, which happens all the time.
Nathan: Dylan, tell us about your first experience using TerraCottem.
Dylan: I spoke to you about utilising TerraCottem turf for our 14th tee, which has now been completed. The tee suffered from a lot of wear, dryness, and the number of rounds played. We needed tight, dense grass to cover over on the tee, so I wanted to make sure the soil was suitable and that it'll be retaining nutrients, and that the moisture level in that tee was correct. Since we put TerraCottem into the tee, it established a very nice dense, plain tee surface, and we're getting good coverage from that.
Nathan: Tell us more about the process of adding TerraCottem to the profile of the 14th tee.
Dylan: We hand spread the TerraCottem over the top of the profile after we had established the level, and once we put TerraCottem at the recommended label rate, we rotary-hoed the tee down to a depth of 200mm so that we could get TerraCottem into the profile. Once we did that, we reconsolidated the tee and put turf (couch) on, and since then, it's established an intense, dense root system that will allow the tee to be a lot stronger throughout the coming years, especially during dry periods. We have a good amount of rain at this point, so the tee is holding up even better.
TerraCottem Australia Bundaberg Golf Queensland
Bundaberg Golf Club, 14th Tee
Nathan: Yes. So, the tee was built in October 2021 (last year), and we had an insurmountable amount of rain between October and January. It was nearly close to a meter of rain over that time frame, and one of the things I've seen on that tee is that you can get on it when no one else can get on any other tee. I was talking to your staff, and they say it's the best tee they have ever mowed as they don't slip off it. They don't have any issues bogging down on it. It holds an excellent shape, and it has a lovely colour. Would you agree with that?
Dylan: Yeah, it's correct. We've noticed it when we have a substantial amount of rain, we struggle to get onto a few tees because they are push-up tees. We've also added the amendments with TerraCottem and established a good tee. Looking at it now, these tees should last up to 10 years, if not more, and we'll see good strength in the root system and healthier dense grass. And for playability, if we can have the turf looking good and play better, the golfers will love that.
Nathan: Fewer members' complaints?
Dylan: Yes, it's always good!
Nathan: Okay, So you've used TerraCottem on the 14th tee. What other applications have you used TerraCottem in, other than TerraCottem turf?
Dylan: We've also used TerraCottem universal in our trees. We did a revegetation Goodwood Gum replanting as they struggled around the area. We decided to revegetate these areas and a few other sites as well. We made a dry rainforest in the regions where members shouldn't play much golf, so if you do happen to go out that way more, you've gone well past the playing area. With TerraCottem we have helped these trees out and improved the areas visually.
TerraCottem Australia Bundaberg Golf Queensland
Revegetation at Bundaberg Golf Club
Nathan: So, you're putting in your trees for your natural revegetation. How's that going for you?
Dylan: Really well! When we planted, it was pretty wet. Since then, we have had such a dry period, but with TerraCottem, the trees has taken off. Moving forward, they will hold up well as well.
TerraCottem Australia Bundaberg Golf Queensland
Goodwood Gum
Nathan: Excellent, excellent. What have you in store for TerraCottem over the next 6 to 12 months?
Dylan: Well, the biggest thing for our club is because we're putting through so many rounds of golf. Many of our par 3 tees in the men's area are getting utilised a lot more, and we're losing turf in regions because of divots play, and the unevenness in the turf could be better. So, we're going to re-construct a few tees. Again, when we do that, we're going to utilise TerraCottem turf in the profile. Being in Bundaberg, we get the dry periods, and it can be warm, 30 degrees by nine o'clock and the evaporation transpiration rate is through the roof. If we can retain that moisture level in profile, we're better off.
Nathan: And TerraCottem helps you do that?
Dylan: Definitely!
(Update: Since this interview taken place, Bundaberg Golf Club, under Dylan’s supervision has started putting TerraCottem in their 8th tee, see below!)
TerraCottem Australia Bundaberg Golf Queensland
Bundaberg Golf Club, 8th Tee
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