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TerraCottem Soil Conditioner at Hobart Airport Tasmania Australia

Welcome to Hobart Airport - The Gateway to Tasmania

Have you been to Hobart airport lately? Twenty large planter boxes holding Tasmanian colourful native plants' welcome' travellers at the airport entrance. Find out more about Hobart Airport – The gateway to Tasmania, where beautiful planter boxes welcome travellers.
TerraCottem Australia Hobart Airport
"The airport gardening team installed the plants in Waterup wicking beds using a soil mixture enhanced with TerraCottem", says Darcy Pritchard from Horticultural and Landscaping Supplies (HALS). The HALS team supplied the soil mixture in a special nursery potting mix. You may wonder why anyone would enhance the potting soil with TerraCottem?
“The airport requested mixing TerraCottem in the soil to ensure staff can save time and money on maintenance and watering. TerraCottem is the most reliable solution if you want to achieve that.”
TerraCottem Australia Hobart Airport
Planter Boxes for Traffic Control
TerraCottem Australia Hobart Airport
Another reason why Hobart Airport chose planter boxes is traffic control. Yes, not bollards, but planter boxes can do the job just as well. In fact, not only do they look prettier, they cause no damage when removing them. In reality, bollards are bolted to the ground and cause damage to the bollard and the infrastructure when removing them. A forklift can move the planter boxes quickly with a forklift. Don’t like the spot where they are at anymore? No problem, move them yourself in no time.
TerraCottem Becomes Part of The Range
TerraCottem Australia Hobart Airport
Following the airport’s team’s request to mix in TerraCottem, the team at HALS became a dedicated supplier for TerraCottem supplying and mixing TerraCottem in potting mixes for a few months now. “We use TerraCottem in many projects now; it is popular for its excellent water holding capacity”, says Darcy.  Michele Kline, Project Coordinator at Hobart Airport, confirms just that.
“We already have a vast amount of concrete at the airport; some greenery breaks it up. The water retention ensures that the planter boxes are low maintenance.”
What is TerraCottem Soil Conditioner?
TerraCottem Soil Conditioner offers a holistic approach to plant growth. This effective mixture of more than 20 components works in a synergetic way to significantly improve soil quality, water and nutrient retention for healthier plant growth. TerraCottem ensures that trees, lawns, shrubs, gardens and plants grow healthy and strong. Across Australia, TerraCottem achieves excellent project outcomes resulting in a greener, healthier and more liveable landscapes for the community. Want to find out more about TerraCottem or become a distributor? Contact us!
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