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TerraCottem Soil Conditioner in West Village Queensland Australia

How to create an Urban Rooftop Jungle

Rapid urbanisation brings up challenges in making cities greener, cleaner and livable. Brisbane's West Village is an excellent example of how (re)-developing and maintaining sustainable green living spaces reconnects us with nature and provides us with joy.
Over the last two years, Brisbane's West Village transformed into an innovating living heritage village. Formerly the dilapidated site of the Peters Ice Cream Factory, today the vibrant West Village in Brisbane's West End is rejuvenated and green. Find out how TerraCottem helped transform an old factory site into the Urban Rooftop Jungle – West Village.
TerraCottem Soil Conditioner in West Village Queensland Australia
TerraCottem for optimal nutrient uptake
West Village's architecture draws inspiration from the world's most engaging precincts. It brings together the community with lots of buzz, space to work, live and play. West Village reimagines urban living: Vibrant laneways with beautiful rooftop gardens and thriving lush, healthy tropical gardens. All this has come to life with TerraCottem's help, making West Village an attractive spot to live and work. Why TerraCottem? TerraCottem is the ideal, premium soil conditioner for maximising nutrient uptake, saving 50% water, and cutting ongoing maintenance costs. Tree planting success rates reach up to 90%- more growth, less work.
TerraCottem Soil Conditioner at West Village Queensland Australia
TerraCottem Soil Conditioner for a better climate
Various exotic plants and trees enrich the community at West Village today, thanks to TerraCottem, the leading soil conditioning technology. Understorey planting, ground covers, creepers, and more extensive stock (45 Litre trees and further stock that ranged from 100L to 1000L and ex ground) positioned in parks and along windy paths are healthy and robust, provide shade, reduce noise and reduce heat. Plants at West Village include ferns and large wide-spreading trees, like Delonix regia (Royal Poinciana) with flame-red flowers and the Toona cilliata – Red Cedar. These were ex ground trees.
Great results with TerraCottem
The team from Centenary Landscaping Supplies applied TerraCottem universal at 3kg per cubic metre to an "On Slab Horizon A" Soil mix. Senior Architect from RPS Landscape Architects, Des Cloake, coordinated the project at West Village.
"I've seen TerraCottem perform virtual miracles on some sand-based soils. At West Village, TerraCottem was coupled with properly specified, produced and quality-controlled podium soil horizons to produce the no-nonsense, high-performance result required from these plantings. Hi-performance results come with the right materials being specified and then produced and installed with strict quality controls", says Des Cloake.
TerraCottem Soil Conditioner in West Village Queensland Australia
How does TerraCottem work?
TerraCottem soil conditioner works in the root zone and should be well mixed into the soil when planting. TerraCottem activates during watering. The best thing is, it only needs one application. Capillaries penetrate the polymers and take up the water they need. TerraCottem helps achieve successful planting projects despite the challenging effects of poor soils and climate change.
It is simple for DIY professionals in the landscape industry, such as horticulturalists, groundskeepers, turf managers, landscapers and environmental staff..  "We are very proud that project managers and architects chose TerraCottem soil conditioner because of the many benefits it brings", says Nathan Straume from TerraCottem Australia & NZ.
Award-Winning Designs
West Village has acclaimed several awards for design and innovation, including the "Finalist for Commercial Landscape Construction of the Year"- Award and High-Density Development. Further, West Village Brisbane won the National Landscape Architecture Awards and urban renewal awards.
Do you want to know how TerraCottem can elevate your planting projects? Contact us!
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